Promotions and Offers
Our rates, packages, and promotion on our official website should always include applicable taxes, service charges, and certain charges (in high and peak seasons).

Net and “++.”
Net means the rate does include taxes, service charges and any applicable sure charges. While “++” means the rate is subject to taxes, service charges and any relevant, certain charges. Our rates are all quoted on “Net”.

Our Booking Partners
We also partner with online travel agencies to promote and sell our rooms. However, we sometimes find our hotel advertised on websites with no agreement. As a result, the room type and conditions may differ from those offered directly by the hotel. So please be aware of this when comparing rates.

Best Rate Guarantee
We always prefer guests to book with us directly. However, if you find better rates on one of our online travel agency partner websites, we will be happy to match the rates. 

Special Personalized Offers:
We feature various promotions and packages on our official website. However, we understand they are not suitable for everyone. Should you fancy something else, please contact our team at: info@ivillabali.com, and we will personally look after your request. 

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