We are grateful that the spread and transmission of Covid-19 (Corona Virus) have slowed with the increase of immunity from vaccines, and boosters are showing positive progress, better over time. In addition, opening borders within countries and re-opening tourism around the globe make us travel more often.

We are committed to our team and guests’ safety, health, and well-being. We closely monitor the local government’s regulations, public health advice, and the World Health Organization guidelines so that our Villas continue offering a safe sanctuary and relaxing eco-luxury pool villa retreat.

Please find the list of measures and procedures we are taking at iVilla below (**subject to change based on local government regulations and policies):


We offer flexible booking terms and conditions and have updated the policy accordingly. Please get in touch with them for bookings made via Travel Agent or made online through our booking partners (e.g. Booking.com, Agoda, Expedia, Traveloka, or Tiket.com).


We adhere to comprehensively applying the health and safety procedures requested by the local authority and government. For example, disinfection kits are placed in public areas for guests to access quickly. We have also increased the frequency of cleaning public areas with appropriate disinfectant.


Each villa will be thoroughly cleaned on every arrival and daily basis, referring to the best industry standards and practices of sanitizing procedures with appropriate disinfectants. In addition, all guest amenities are sanitized, and towels or linens are washed at a sufficiently high temperature.


Most of our restaurant areas are open-air. We follow the health protocols, the sanitation procedures and ensure a safe distance between tables. Our Kitchen team follow strict preparation and operational hygiene standards.


All of us at iVilla, management and team are trained accordingly to the official procedures directed by the local authority and government. Furthermore, implementing necessary hygiene guidelines is applied to ensure maximum safety, comfort, and well-being for all of us.

Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration, in its Circular Number IMI-0700.GR.01.01 issued on September 14, 2022, states the latest update on VISA to visit Indonesia, including Bali, as follows:

FREE VISA FOR ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations):

  • Free VISA for the 1st (first) 30
  • Days. Extension (maximum: 30 days) is available at IDR.500,000 per person.

1. Singapore
6. Laos
2. Malaysia
7. Cambodia
3. Thailand
8. Myanmar
4. Brunei Darussalam
9. Philippines
5. Vietnam


  • VOA available at IDR.500,000 per person.
  • Valid for 30 Days Extension (maximum: 30 days) is available at IDR.500,000 per person.
1. South Africa
11. Belarus
2. Albania
12. Belgium
3. The United States of America
13. Bosnia Herzegovina
4. Andorra
14. Brazil
5. Saudi Arabia
15. Bulgaria
6. Argentina
16. Czech
7. Australia
17. Chile
8. Austria
18. Denmark
9. Bahrain
19. Ecuador
20. Estonia
21. Finland
31. Cambodia
22. Hong Kong
32. Canada
23. Hungary
33. Colombia
24. India
34. South Korea
25. The United Kingdom
35. Croatia
26. Ireland
36. Kuwait
27. Italy
37. Latvia
28. Iceland
38. Liechtenstein
29. Japan
39. Lithuania
30. Germany
40. Luxembourg
41. Maldives
51. Peru
42. Malta
52. Poland
53. Portugal
44. Mexico
54. Qatar
45. Egypt
55. Romania
56. Russia
47. Norway
57. San Marino
48. Oman
58. New Zealand
59. Serbia
50. France
60. Seychelles
61. Cyprus
71. Tunisia
62. Slovakia
72. Turkiye
63. Slovenia
73. The United Arab Emirates
64. Spain
74. Uzbekistan
65. Suriname
75. Ukraina
66. Sweden
76. Vatican
67. Switzerland
77. Jordan
68. Taiwan
78. Greece
69. Timor Leste
70. China

We sincerely desire to make your visit with us perfect, allowing you to relax and make the most of this magical island has to offer. To provide a safe, secure and memorable vacation, we offer some advice for your convenience:


Attending Ceremonies or Visiting Temples

Each Villa at iVilla comes with a private pool. For your convenience and safety, here are some essential information and the in-house regulations you need to know:

Ngurah Rai International Airport is listed as “Denpasar” (DPS), which is the name of the Island capital. 
Distance to iVilla : 12 km
Journey time: 30 minutes (**in normal traffic)

People and Religion
The Balinese have strong spiritual roots. The main religion is “Agama Hindu Dharma”, also known as Agama Tirtha, which means the faith in holy water. 

Bahasa Indonesia (the national language of Indonesia) and Bahasa Bali (the local language) are Bali’s most widely spoken languages. However, English is extensively used all over the island

Dress Code
Please wear a sarong and sash when visiting temples or attending ceremonies. Bali is a tropical Island, and cotton or lightweight clothing is the most comfortable. 

Time Zone

Bali is a tropical Island and has two different seasons. Rainy (wet seasons) generally occur around November through April (mainly late in the afternoon and early in the evening). The dry season commonly occurs around May through October. The average temperature is 24 – 30 degrees Celsius (75 – 89 degrees Fahrenheit) 

Passport & VISA
The passport must be valid for at least six months from arrival. The Indonesian Government grants VOA (visa on arrival) for 78 countries and Free Visas for 9 ASEAN Countries. 

You can purchase your VOA at the airport, and it costs IDR.500,000 per person, valid for 30 days. Visitors from certain countries require a tourist visa in advance and must apply for a permit before arriving in Indonesia. Please get in touch with the Indonesian embassy or consulate for further details. 

Narcotics are strictly prohibited. You may only bring two liters of alcohol and 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars to Indonesia.

The local currency is Rp (Indonesian Rupiah). We recommend you check the exchange rate before departure to Bali, as the currency often fluctuates. You could change your money at the local money changer or bank. ATMs are available in major tourist areas. Most hotels, restaurants, boutiques, and other venues accept credit cards. Please also be advised some tourist venues only accept cash. 

Typical Business Hours
Banks: Most banks operate from 9 am to 3 pm
Offices: 9 am to 5 pm
Supermarkets/shopping areas: 10 am to 10 pm

Most restaurants and hotels include a service charge on the bill. Therefore, tipping is not expected but welcomed.

Bali is a tropical Island. Therefore, most hotels in Bali, including iVilla, use various methods to prevent guests’ discomfort with mosquitoes. This prevention includes bi-weekly fogging of the garden area and insect coils used in the dining area, bathroom, and terrace. Also, electric mosquito repellant and aerosol repellants are available in rooms. Our methods generally keep mosquito presence at an acceptable level. 

Ekosistem Hotels and Villas is a distinctive collection of Boutique Hotels, Luxury Villas, Eco-Retreats, Day Spa and Dining located in some of the most sought-after destinations in Bali. This include: “iVilla in Seminyak”.

We aim to practice the genuine philosophy of sustainable tourism, empowering the local society and being socially responsible. Furthermore, it is an invitation to rediscover the laid-back vibe of the island, an uplifting, uniquely beautiful experience.

Embodies the genuine spirit of loving-kindness, our passion is to create a life-affirming and meaningful journey that allows you to immerse yourself into the local cultures and beautiful traditions and help you responsibly explore the beauty of Bali.

Tourism has become one of the most critical sectors in Indonesia, especially in Bali. We are grateful to be blessed with magnificent nature, beautiful culture, and unique local traditions. In our mission to contribute, preserve and improve the positive impact of tourism, we dedicate ourselves and our company activities to following the principle of sustainability through continuous process and constant improvement.

Our vision is to always respect and promote cultural heritages, increase positive impacts to the environment and improve the prosperity of the local community. We breathe, are passionate, and believe in our five pillars:


Tri Hita Karana is a traditional philosophy for life on the island of Bali and has become our shared values at iVilla. It is derived from the Balinese spiritualism and beliefs, which promote harmony among fellow human beings, harmony with nature, and harmony towards God manifested in numerous rituals and offerings.

Ultra-spacious and wrapped within a private courtyard, all of our villas are created to take you to an uplifted pool villa experience, tropical luxury with meticulous local artistry, essential five-star modern comforts and put you right in the vibrancy cosmopolitan Seminyak.

Our sincere love for planet earth inspires us to move toward a sustainable future. iVilla comes with natural plant-based bathroom amenities, organic waste composting, #refillMyBottle station, and initiatives to enhance our positive impacts on the locals and the environment. Top
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